Low Price MDF sheets at Paris. , wa 081319823277 CV DWI JAYA STEEL-INDONESIA

Low Price MDF sheets at Paris. , wa 081319823277 CV DWI JAYA STEEL-INDONESIA

Low Price MDF sheets at Paris. , wa 081319823277 CV DWI JAYA STEEL-INDONESIA. Mdf or medium density fireboard is a collection of small sawdust that is washed and then boiled so that it becomes pulp then mixed with glue and wax and then pressed and printed so that it is in sheet form with applicable standard sizes global (worldwide) 1220×2440 or 4’x8 ‘. Mdf has a very small size of sawdust so that it can mix optimally with glue and wax so that it can be formed with the desired thickness and size and has a smooth, even and shiny surface.


Selling Cheap MDF sheets at Paris., wa 081319823277, CV. Dwi Jaya Steel, Jakarta, Indonesia


In its use for making furniture, Mdf is a cheaper and easier to form alternative that can also produce smoother and better furniture, compared to using plywood in furniture. It’s no wonder MDF is becoming the new favorite in the sheet-based furniture industry.


In other uses, mdf is used as a standard export packing for several types of goods, thin mdf with a thickness of 2-3mm (example: 1 sheet = USD 3) can be used as a surface in the stacking of certain types of exported goods so that the stacked goods remain neatly arranged to export destinations on different continents.


Our mdf: https://youtu.be/ltGenXef3tQ


Advantages of using mdf:

-has a better surface and appearance

-has a strong enough sticky streng

-mdf lighter

-more economical

With these advantages and disadvantages, MDF is a material that is usually used in fabricated furniture that is sold in finished form. Generally, the outer coating is a paper that has a texture. Some types of furniture that we often encounter made of MDF are wardrobes, tables, door frames, window frames to study tables.


For those of you who have furniture made from this material, you should take adequate care based on the advantages and disadvantages of this product made from. With proper care, you will be able to minimize the shortcomings of products with Medium Density Fireboard material. So that your furniture will be more durable both in terms of aesthetics and function.


we can meet the needs of you and your company with various variants of thickness and standard sizes and cuts. Goods are sent to places around the world,and we using expeditions.


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